About Us

fleet.jpgSeawork SA is the local subsidiary of and a member of the Seawork Group of Namibia. The Group is based in Walvis Bay and specializes in the catching, processing and marketing of frozen fish and other seafood products.

Four trawlers, two long line vessels and two high tech production plants enable Seawork to provide a sustainable supply of high quality and superior seafood products. Its produce is sourced from the cold and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the Namibian coast. Its products which have been marketed in Europe since 2002 under the Seawork brand, are now available in the RSA through its South African subsidiary.

Seawork SA started to operate from Pretoria, Gauteng in January 2009 with its focus is to supply local wholesale food merchants, the catering and hospitality industry. A retail outlet was opened in July 2010 in Pretoria East.

Seawork’s wholesale product range (with the grading and packaging specifications) is listed in this catalogue.